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DLAS Sketchbook

DLAS Sketchbook

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The DLAS Sketchbook is personally designed by me – just the way I always imagined the perfect sketchbook.
Here are the features that make this high-quality sketchbook a truly special gift:


The book has 120 very robust pages. With 140 gsm, the paper is extremely resistant and can withstand multiple erasures effortlessly.
You can also use watercolor on it with ease (with minimal water) – this was particularly important to me, given that watercolor is my favorite medium.*
Additionally, the paper does not get yellow over time, as it contains an extremely low amount of wood fiber.


All my (useful) sketchbooks so far had boring black covers.
I personally love a natural wood appearance, so I buy everything in this style – from my furniture to even my phone case.
Therefore, my sketchbook should share exactly this appearance: beautiful, dark, natural wood.
As a contrast to this dark wood, there’s bright, glossy gold. This gold decorates not only the front and back but even the edges,
as you can see in the pictures.
Furthermore, the cover is finished with a protective coating that not only makes it shine but also makes it more resistant to scratches.


Although the book strongly resembles trees, it doesn’t actually contain much of them!
The papers in the book have less than 5% wood fiber content. This makes the book a “wood-free book.”
Nevertheless, you can’t visually perceive the difference, the pages still feel very pleasant.
Also, real paper would yellow over time – not this paper, it stays white indefinitely.


This is a small, 3-page guide where I’ve summarized some tips on how to best use a sketchbook and
how to make sketches look particularly beautiful in it.










*Please son’t use synthetic brushes to paint, they destroy the paper of pretty much any sketchbook, watercolour-friendly or not.
I suggest using natural-hair brushes.

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